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Big Squeeze

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Big Squeeze

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“Received mine today and immediately put it to the test which it passed with FLYING COLORS!!  This is a high quality highly durable product that does exactly what you first proposed.  VERY pleased backer and wish you much future success!!”

Edgar J Higgins Jr

"I received my big squeeze today. I'm a manufacturing engineer and I really have to comment on the fit and finish. It's EXCELLENT!!! Function is fantastic. I'm truly impressed...I have to say that this is definitely in the WIN column.

Daniel Seman

Big Squeeze is a substantial, worthy and useful tool for the painter who savors the last drop in every paint tube. I believe every studio would benefit having several Big Squeeze tube wringers on top of every pile of paint tubes! I really like my Big Squeeze because it’s a no-nonsense design - it’s hefty and a product made well.

Bob Burridge

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