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What Kinds of Tube Squeezers Exist?

People have been buying pastes, gels and ointments in tubes for hundreds of years for a reason: they're convenient.  However, trying to get every last drop out of these tubes is not as easy as it sounds.  Luckily, there are products on the market that can help.  Some of these tools do an adequate job while others crush the competition.

The four main types of squeezers for sale are: the wiper, the tube key, the hybrid wiper/tube key and the geared wringer.

The wiper is a flat piece of plastic with a slot formed into it that allows the user to slide it over the end of a collapsible tube such as toothpaste.  By pushing the wiper towards the nozzle, the contents are pushed forward.  Even though the wiper does an adequate job, it still leaves product in the tube.  The other draw backs are you need one for every tube and they don't work on rigid stand up plastic tubes and metal tubes.  However, the tube wiper is your least expensive option.

The tube key is designed to slide over the end of a metal tube.  They don't work on collapsible plastic tubes and rigid plastic tubes.  They work by wrapping the metal tube on top of itself.  This forces the material inside the tube to be pressed forward.  Most of them are inexpensive but you need one for each of your metal tubes.  That can really add up.  The downside to using tube keys: they can cause the tube to crack and waste 7% to 10% of the contents.  So much for getting every last bit.

The hybrid wiper/tube key takes qualities from both the wiper and the tube key.  These products are ideal for toothpaste style tubes.  They wipe the tube, pushing the contents forward while winding up the spent tube in a container.  This allows the spent tube to neatly wrap up away from your hands.  They won't work on metal or rigid plastic tubes but work great for toothpaste.

If you use expensive tube products or a large quantity of tubes, then the geared wringer style, like the BigSqueeze, should be your choice.  This tube squeezer use a set of gears to crimp the tube, forcing all the material forward.  If you're serious about saving money and reducing waste, get yourself one of these babies.  There's a certain satisfaction of knowing you got everything out of your tubes.  They work on all types of tubes and the best part is you only need one for your household or business.

With so many types of tube squeezers on the market, you're sure to find something that works for you.