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Want to Conquer Frustration and Save Money? Try the BigSqueeze Tube Solution

It's always the little things that cause the most frustration, isn't it? You know, that coffee spilled on your desk, the gum on the sidewalk you step on, that last bit of toothpaste you can't get out of the tube when it's all you have left. These little frustrations – especially trying to empty a tube of toothpaste when you're running late for work – are what send us over the edge and ruin an entire day.

And on top of that, there's the money you're losing. Whether it's toothpaste or hair gel or oil paints or any other product that comes in a tube, you know how it goes. You scrape it against the edge of the cabinet to move the contents to the front of the tube, or you flatten the tube and try to roll it up to push the stuff toward the opening. And the results are always the same: either a bunch of it squirts out all over your bathroom cabinet or work table, or you never can get all of it out. Either way, there's costly waste.

Not anymore, though. Now there's a better way . . . BigSqueeze.

The Tube Squeezer It's Not

Many tube squeezers operate on the same principle as those old sardine-tin openers. The tins had a little key attached to the bottom with a slot in the shank. You'd detach the key, flip up a tab on the top, insert that tab through the slot in the key's shank, and then start turning it and rolling up the top.

And a lot of tube squeezers work just like that. You take the key-shaped device, insert the bottom of the tube through the slot, and start turning. The problem is, though, that it's just not very efficient or easy to manage. You can't get a very uniform roll-up, and you can't really get every bit of the product out of the tube.

It works okay for sardines, but not so much for other things.

The Squeeze Tool It Is

Now the BigSqueeze is a different animal altogether – not just an effective tube emptier, but also an ergonomic hand tool. This tube emptier hand tool is the brainchild of two mechanical engineers with over 40 years' combined product-design experience. And it works.

The BigSqueeze tool is a sturdy, quality device that boasts a large die-cast zinc handle, extruded aluminum gears, and steel pins. The large handle provides leverage and the gears ensure less effort on your part, which means nearly effortless turning and easy rolling of most plastic and metal tubes up to 3 inches wide. No awkward cranking, no pinched fingers, and the ability to squeeze the last drop out of the tube.

BigSqueeze Hand-Held Tube Squeezer Applications

So, what can you do with the BigSqueeze tube wringer device? Well, quite a lot actually, and here are just a few of the many applications. 

Obviously, the BigSqueeze will be hugely helpful for plain old every day grooming activities. You can certainly use it for your tube of toothpaste, as well as for hair gel, denture adhesive, and all the other tube-held items in your home. Also, if you've done any auto repair at all, you now how hard it is to get some products like gasket sealer out of the tube with just your finger strength.

Then there are painters (the artist kind) who deal with a host of paints in tubes. And some of those paints are pretty expensive, so you want to be sure to get every last bit of usable paint out of the tube. Using BigSqueeze, you'll no longer have to cut the tube open to scrape out what remains. What makes this even better for painters is that the gears in this tube squeezer ensure that you expend very little effort, thus saving your fingers for painting.

In addition, the BigSqueeze can be a boon to those in the salon business. Suppose you're right in the middle of a session with a client. You don't have time to mess around trying to get, say, hair dye to come out of the tube, and with a BigSqueeze tube wringer you won't have to. It can save time, frustration, and lot of money, considering the multitude of costly hair products that come in tubes.

BigSqueeze Tube Wringer Economic Benefits

The frustration-saving benefits of a squeezer tool like BigSqueeze should be fairly obvious by now. So let's take a look at some of the money-saving aspects, again with respect to painting and salons.

Consider that without using a quality paint tube squeezer like BiSqueeze, you can be leaving up to 10% of the paint in the tube. And, further, consider that some oil paints in certain colors can cost up to $160+ (and even more sometimes). It's not hard to see, then, that a BigSqueeze could save you hundreds of dollars pretty quickly.

The salon industry also involves some fairly expensive products, and many of them are in tubes. In addition, because these products come in tubes that are larger in diameter at the round end than a lot of other tubed products, it's even more difficult to get the last of it out with fingers alone – the waste in this case coming in at around 15% to 20%. And even if you do use a standard tube key (instead of a BigSqueeze), you are still likely to leave 7% to 10% in the tube. Over the course of a year, that could add up to wastage in the thousands of dollars.

You would like to cut down on some of the frustration in your life and save some money at the same time, wouldn't you? Well, now you can . . . with Big Squeeze. And it comes in several colors from hot pink to royal blue. Get yours today right here . . . if you really do want to save your fingers and your money. Or if you simply want to discover more, just fill out the easy form.