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Hair Salons Save Big with the BigSqueeze

The hair salon industry is all about color...lots and lots of it.  This is why every salon needs a BigSqueeze ergonomic tube squeezer.  Hair salons use tube after tube of hair dye to keep their customers looking younger and more beautiful.  The shear volume of hair dye means that it is a significant cost of goods sold for the salon.  If every bit of hair dye is used, the salon can minimize it's costs and maximize it's profits.

If a hair dresser only uses their fingers, 15 to 20% from each tube can easily be wasted not to mention time. Tube keys are one way to save money but they still waste 7 to 10% from every tube which can add up to a few thousand dollars a year.  Other popular devices are tube squeezers.  Many of them can be awkward to use and actually pinch your hand while the spent tube runs into your knuckles.  OUCH...who needs that?  The solution to saving money and adding comfort is the BigSqueeze.  It's the first tube squeezer with the professional in mind.

The BigSqueeze is designed to function like a can opener.  Hold the handles and turn the crank causing the gears to push all the hair dye towards the nozzle with little effort. The crimping gears squeeze every last bit from each tube ensuring that salons can grow their bottom line by saving a ton of money.