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20% More Sunscreen, Yours Free

If you're like most people, you probably spend a good deal of money and time on your body every day.  Taking care of your skin, hair and teeth are important to most people.  Have you thought about all the products on the market that you use regularly to keep you looking and feeling your best.  The list is a mile long but the basics consist of skin moisturizers, skin ointments for acne or cuts, cosmetics, sunscreens, hair dyes, hair gels, conditioners, shampoos and of course toothpaste.  A lot of these products are sold in tubes.  The worst part about tubes is how it's nearly impossible to get everything out of them.  People regularly waste up to 20% on each tube and that wastes your hard earned money.

How would you like to get 20% more product from each tube for free?  You think gas is expensive? You think wine is expensive?  Try sunscreen.  A typical 3-ounce tube will set you back $12 or $18 if you have to buy it on site at the beach, pool or hotel.  That works out to about $768 a gallon!

Tubes are convenient and inexpensive...that's why companies choose to package their products in them.  There's an added bonus for these companies to use tubes.  They know you're going to throw away a lot of unused product because about 20% of the goop you've paid for remains in there, clinging to the inside of the tube causing you to buy more products sooner than later.

When it's toothpaste, you probably don't care.  But at $768 a gallon, you might care a lot about sunscreen.  At that price, it's a little bit disturbing to think about throwing away 20% of the sunscreen you paid for.

The easiest way to solve this man made problem...use the ultimate tube squeezer.  The BigSqueeze is the first ever ergonomic model on the market.  It's intuitive design makes saving money down right fun.  You simply insert the end of a partially spent tube between the gears, squeeze the handles and turn the crank like you would with a can opener.  The gears do the squeezing for you.  All the contents are pushed towards the nozzle leaving nothing behind.

The BigSqueeze makes it easy to save money on all your household tubes because you only need one.  Unlike other tube wringers that stay fixed to each individual tube, the BigSqueeze does not attach to each tube rather you use it as needed.  It's like squeezing money back into your wallet.