Your Revolutionary Way to Make More Money Simply by Squeezing More Color Into Your Life!

Ben Guerin here from Awesome Hair.  I want to show you a revolutionary new product — something I just love using — and I know you will too.

I think you'll agree that this product is amazing! Let me tell you a few things about the Big Squeeze® and why you have to have one at your salon! You will wonder how you lived without it.

  • This revolutionary new device will allow you to get 100% of the color product out of every single one of your hair coloring tubes. That represents over 20% more than before. I am saving a lot of money.

  • What if I told you that stylists like myself are making an additional $1500–2000 per year simply by being able to squeeze every drop out of every color tube? That's a lot of money for the average hair stylist.

  • Imagine getting it all… what's more, you support sustainability by not having any waste.

All this for only $39.97!
By now, I'm sure you'll agree that this is the best deal on the planet when it comes to managing your hair color tubes.

  • The Big Squeeze® is only $39.97 and works like magic.

  • It's guaranteed for life and you have a 14-day free trial (click here for buying details).

  • Also, if you buy this product now, 5% of your purchase will go to the Special Olympics! As a triathlete myself, this is my favorite charity as I always love to help out anywhere I can.

Thank you for listening — we know once you try it, you too will love using the Big Squeeze®. Go squeeze some color into your life!

Love you all.  Ben

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